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Car Warranty

At Affordable Autos, we firmly believe that you should never have to worry about a hitch in the car buying or maintenance process. For that reason alone, we take pride in offering you a full warranty on your car from the time you purchase your vehicle to the time you make your last payment. Learn more about the finer details of our warranty below.

Affordable Autos, for a period commencing with the date of purchase, will repair mechanical failures of the vehicle described herein at a cost to the owner of said vehicles of not more than 50% of the standard retail charge for such mechanical repairs. This warranty will end on the maturity date of your original sales contract and security agreement.

Items Covered: All Mechanical Components Items Not Covered: Body Repairs, Paint, Upholstery, Glass, Tires, & Towing

Other Terms and Conditions: The purchaser of the vehicle described herein agrees that the 50% discount on repairs provided herein is subject to following conditions:
  1. All repairs must be performed by Affordable Autos, Inc. Affordable Autos, Inc. will not reimburse purchaser for any repairs performed by others.
  2. Purchaser agrees to present the warranty at the time of requesting said repairs to the vehicle described herein.
  3. Affordable Autos, Inc. will not be responsible for providing purchaser with a loaner car while the vehicle described herein is being repaired.
  4. Purchaser shall pay for the cost of all repairs in cash.
  5. This warranty does not include any repair arising out of or caused by misuse and neglect of the vehicle by purchaser or resulting from an accident.
  6. This warranty does not cover general maintenance of the vehicle, including but not limited to oil changes and oil filter changes, the same being the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
  7. This warranty is not assignable by the purchaser.
  8. Any commercial use of this vehicle will void this limited warranty. Examples of commercial use are, but not limited to: taxi cabs, delivery vehicles, shuttle services, postal or newspaper delivery, route sales, or competition driving.
  9. When the automobile insurance should pay for a repair or deems the vehicle to be a total loss, then the auto insurance will be used and not the limited warranty.
Payments: All payments must be up to date for warranty to be valid.

Payment Extensions and/or Finances: This warranty does not change the original maturity date on your sales contract and purchase money security agreement.

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